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Red Tie Agency specializes in taking the message you want to deliver to your audience and presenting it in accessible and highly accepted ways. We believe communication is more than just what you say, it's really about how it's heard. We develop websites, mobile apps, multimedia branding projects with the end user in mind.


Responsive, easy to navigate, and easy to update websites that represent your organization in a professional way.


97% of American Adults own a smartphone, if your business is not on one, you are missing a big opportunity.


Video, Print, and Design elements make first impressions for your business, make them good.

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Mobile App Development

Win more customers, subscribers, leads, visitors, orders, and members by adding a mobile application to your business. After it's published, we make it possible for you to make updates, manage your users, and send notifications with no technical knowledge.

Whatever your business is, let us build the app that goes with it. Your iOS and Android native apps will always conform to the best practices in UI and UX, leading to higher engagement and profits.

Power Your Business

There are benefits to having a mobile app no matter what your business, industry, purpose, or content strategy.

  • eCommerce
  • Online Courses
  • Video & Audio Content
  • News & Blogs
  • Non-Profit Organizations
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How It Works

We walk you through the process from start to finish, and beyond.

Concept & Design

We work closely with you to make sure we start with the end in mind.


We proceed with the development of your mobile app and branding.


We help setup your developer accounts and handle publishing to the app stores.


We provide you with training and access to keep your app's content fresh.


Contact Us

Reach out and let us know how we can be of help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A few things our clients are curious about before we get started.

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    How long does it take from start to finish?
    The design and development portion of the process takes between 60-90 days depending on the features requested and content needed. During that time we work with you to get your developer accounts set up with Google Play and the Apple Store. However the Apple requires certain business documentation that can sometimes delay the process if you have not already established those items.
    Who does the upkeep?
    You will have the option to easily manage and maintain your app after it's published or we can take care of it for you through a maintenance agreement. The upkeep is easy should you choose to do it yourself but we understand if you would like to focus on your business and let us handle that part.
    Are we stuck with the same app and features forever?
    Should you decide, or your business needs change, we can make updates, add and remove features, as well as changes the branding and content of your app. Those changes would be discussed and agreed upon but are very possible.

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